Now with help from Britney Spears, Shaker Heights grad finds success on 'How I Met Your Mother'


Carter Bays, Shaker Heights native and lucky bastard.
Carter Bays might be Shaker Heights' most un-famous famous alumni. The 32-year-old Shaker High grad is the co-creator and producer of the CBS show How I Met Your Mother. The Monday-night sitcom, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Radnor, centers around dating in New York, as Radnor’s character (Ted) scours the city for love while Harris (Barney) scours it for anonymous sex. ... Many of the show’s subplots have come from Bays’ previous relationship foibles. But he must be having a hard time drawing material these days, as the Shaker native is currently dating Charlene Amoia, who plays the main waitress on the show and is quite adorable -- not really a misstep worth writing about. His dating success may explain why the show, which has won three Emmys, has struggled to grow its audience like it had hoped, and why producers constantly worry that the show might not get picked up for another season, starving the world of its weekly Doogie Howser fix. So Bays and the show are pulling out all the stops, or at least all the stops Will and Grace pulled out. The show just announced a new guest star, guaranteed to win some attention. Her name is Britney Spears. Spears, Bays confirmed, will play the role of a doctor’s assistant who’s “sweet and friendly and scattered and a little nerdy — a female Michael Cera." Well, we know she’s got the scattered part down anyway. And she definitely knows a thing or two about doctor’s offices. Just don’t let her near the syringes. – Rebecca Meiser

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