Lola's Michael Symon teams up with Voodoo Monkey Tattoos for food-inspired T-shirts


Attention, all you needle-adverse foodies: Are you tired of secretly drooling over Iron Chef Michael Symon’s ever-growing gallery of eats-related tats, all the time knowing you’ll never have the nerve to take the plunge yourself? Two words: Lola t-shirts. Cleveland’s nationally known culinarian is going into the t-shirt biz – five “fierce” styles each featuring a different food-themed design from Symon’s favorite tattoo artist, Natalie Roelle, co-owner of Ohio City’s Voodoo Monkey Tattoos. ...
That tat of Mike Symon you got on your back? You could have just bought a t-shirt.
Roelle whipped up the designs this past summer, during the Next Iron Chef frenzy. “My inspiration was to make them ‘old school’ -- like you might see on an old guy, you know? -- with limited colors and a sort of crude design,” she says. Among them, find such essential Symon symbols as a heart with a banner reading “Pork;” a butcher’s diagram of a side of beef, with the banner, “Man cannot live by bread alone;” and a bouquet of kitchen tools with a “True love” caption. Look for the retro toppers to debut on the Lola website,, within the next few weeks; price should be around $20. Already, we can hear you thinking “Mother’s Day gift.” -- Elaine T. Cicora Read Elaine Cicora's restaurant reviews, food news, and comprehensive dining guide on the restaurant page at


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