Money Where Your Mouth Is: Junior Revolution


The Scene Music Department are MIA; they’ve been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day since shortly after New Year’s. So to provide exposition regarding the imminent performance by Ohio’s own Junior Revolution, we’re turning directly to the band, which features local cats who’ve taken to running with a Cincinnati crowd. Read on for show details and a word from the band on why you should check them out Friday. -- D.X. Ferris Band: Junior Revolution Web: Hometown: “Cincinnati, Ohio.” Sounds like: “A hodgepodge of quality indie rock... We like to mix it up. Big harmonies. Big dynamics.” Recommend for fans of: “Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, The Mars Volta, and Minus the Bear.” Fun fact: “Brian [Miller, bass/vocals] and Chris [Denholm, drums] went to high school together in Northeastern Ohio, but Brian hated Chris in high school. Apparently Brian was too cool for Chris until now...Ohio represent! Playing Where/When: Friday, March 14 at Musica (19 Maiden Lane, Akron, 330-374-1114) , with Baby Bear, Sofa King Killer, and Stages and Stereos. Why you need to see them: “We just put together a light show that rivals Pink Floyd -- but back in the early days before they got the lasers! We have epilepsy warning signs and everything!” -- Jayson, vocals, guitar, piano


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