Money Where Your Mouth Is: Pussyfoot Girls


The Scene Music Department lets the Pussyfoot Girls explain why you should come get with ‘em and their rowdy friends this weekend. We’d do it, but when we get around ‘em, we get all nervous and tongue-tied. Click the video to see what you missed if you didn’t make the last show. -- D.X. Ferris The thing: Jump in the Sac: A monthly party, with the hostesesses of the Pussyfoot Girls troupe. March’s theme is The St. Patrick’s Day Massacre, with punk, roots, rockabilly, and punkabilly from Graverobber, Horror of ’59, Rockabye Ransom, DJ Erin of WCSB’s Hot Trash, with hosting and performances by alt-burlesque troupe the Pussyfoot Girls. Web: Hometown: Cleveland Sounds like: “The soundtrack to the horror movie you always meant to make in high school. Or maybe you did make one. In that case, you need a soundtrack for it. Come and get it!” Recommend for fans of: “Rock n roll, pretty girls, and zombies.” Fun fact: “There will be a ‘Time Warp’ dance contest - maybe your chance to dance with the Pussyfoot Girls!” Playing Where/When: Saturday, March 15 at the Sachsenheim (aka The Sac), 7001 Denison Ave., Cleveland, 44102. Doors at 8 p.m., show at 9. Why you need to see them: “There will be drink specials for everyone who dresses as a monster or a zombie. Who doesn't love a zombie?” -- Queen LaTata, of the hostesses/performers the Pussyfoot Girls


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