Saving Damon Jones' mohawk: A fight worth fighting


As a general rule, if it’s a bad haircut, Cleveland’s gonna dig it. Cleveland sports are no exception, with a litany of beautiful/awful hairdo’s in its history. See: Pollard, Scot; Free, World B.; Varejao, Anderson, and so on. Hell, I think we all get a little excited to see the haphazard changes in Eric Wedge’s facial hair through the year. It’s no surprise then to learn that when Damon Jones made mention of the fact that he might get rid of his bitchin’ mohawk after the current Cavs road trip, the response was strong and one-sided from the fans. .... Thus was born the Save DJ’s Mohawk blog, a beautiful piece of work whose sole purpose was and is to convince the self-proclaimed best shooter in the world to keep it. Yesterday’s post seems to make it clear the small but concerted group may have gotten through to Jones: “Maybe I’ll have to reconsider,” Jones said in Brian Windhorst’s blog. “If enough fans feel that way, I don’t want to disappoint them.” Good work guys. Just in case, though, check out the blog and sign the petition to keep the hawk. -- Vince Grzegorek


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