Cleveland Film Fest trailer becomes a hit in its own right


While sitting on your increasingly sore tush for the last 10 days at the Cleveland International Film Festival, you undoubtedly noticed the oh-so-catchy song that accompanies the trailer for the fest. Played before every movie — 130 features, plus 160 shorts — the trailer has become a hit in its own right. Created by the local production company Authentic Films, it features one day in the life of your average, 20-something cubicle drone. He wakes up, showers, goes to work, eats his turkey sandwich, all with mind-numbing boredom in his eyes. Then he sees an independent film, and his world is changed forever. Hence, the fest’s slogan, “How Will it Change You?” … There is no speaking in the trailer, only the soundtrack provided by one, lovably poppy song: “I’ve Got Love,” by local indie-rock band The Twilight. The song is so popular that last night, a packed theater sang along with the refrain, “You can’t tell me anything/ that I don’t already know.” The Twilight are known for their British-influenced, peppy fare — you can even hear a little Beatles in the lead singer’s croon. “I’ve Got Love” is from their latest CD, Tempest in a Teapot, and if you’re jonesing for more, you can catch them this Wednesday at Case Western in Leutner Commons or April 10 at the Grog Shop. — Lisa Rab

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