LeBron James: Male fashion icon


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We know this is supposed to be a picture of LeBron. But who would you rather look at? A big, sweaty guy? Or a supermodel dressed up like a bird from the zoo?
In April, LeBron James will grace the cover of Vogue, becoming only the third man in the magazine’s 116 year history to appear on the cover. For those unfamiliar with the women’s high fashion world, this is kind of like having Lassie on the cover of Cat Fancy. It doesn’t happen. But the April issue is devoted to athletes and models, with a concentration on sizes and shapes. LeBron was an automatic choice. ''Nobody says more about fashion size and shape than … LeBron,'' Vogue spokesman Patrick O'Connell says. ''LeBron is an amazing star and athlete that has crossed over into a cultural phenomena…'' The cover was shot in Akron by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. In the photo, LeBron dribbles a basketball while draping one arm around supermodel Gisele Bundchen -- who (damn it!) turns out to be as scintillating in person as she is on the screen. “Giselle,” LeBron says in an e-mail message, is “ beautiful, funny and a great role model. It’s always cool to meet famous people that I've seen on magazine covers and on television.” In an unrelated note, we also asked LeBron if he would marry us without a pre-nup. He chose not to respond. Wonder if he’d be creeped out if he knew we pre-ordered 200 issues to hang all over walls? – Rebecca Meiser


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