Money Where Your Mouth Is: The Choke in Lakewood, Akron


Money Where Your Mouth Is: In which the Scene Music Department lets a band do its own talking and explain why you really oughta see them. The Choke recently visited Cleveland for the first time, and as good as the show was, we think the band earned the right to plead its case directly to you, the consumer. Plus, may we add, their wiry blond singer is pretty hot. Read on for their pitch. -- D.X. Ferris Band: The Choke Web: Hometown: New York City. Sounds like: “Evil garage-pop street anthems for dirty punks.” Recommend for fans of: “Motown, garage, soul, glam, power-pop, and punk.” Fun fact: “Abraham Zapruder rose from the grave to shoot the video footage from our last live performance. See youtube link [above]!” Playing Where/When: Twice this week: With the Episodes, 9 p.m. Monday, March 17 at the Spitfire Saloon, 1539 W. 117 St., Lakewood, 216-226-7748. And Wednesday, March 19 at the Matinee (Akron), 812 W. Market St. Why you need to see them: “The Choke deliver the goods! Especially in dive bar on St Patrick’s Day, with green beer, drunken slags and punks the Episodes, who are little kids who freakin’ rock and could kick the crap outta your band. And it’s free!” -- Hott Deth, guitar; as dictated by Jonny Napalm, drums.


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