Quaker Steak & Lube pressured into renaming “Suicide” sauce, but “Lube Burger” is somehow just fine


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Quaker Steak & Lube brags that it’s “America's #1 motorsports-themed family restaurant.” Despite their name, they don’t sell steak. And no, perverts, they don’t sell lube. But they do sell “Lube Burgers.” So it’s safe to say that these franchises — the majority of which are in Pennsylvania and Ohio — do not often serve as MENSA meeting-grounds. But it seems even a place as gleefully oblivious of good taste as Quaker Steak isn’t allowed to give its food offensive names. ... As the Plain Dealer reports, after complaints from suicide-survivor support groups, the chain is renaming its “Suicide” sauce. “We always listen to our guests’ concerns,” spokeswoman Marla Sferra-Pieton told the PD. “They are our No. 1 marketing tool.” And while that statement doesn’t make much sense, for a franchise that makes a summer drink called Lube-N-Ade and serves hot sauce in prescription bottles, it’s surprisingly lucid. It remains to be seen what effect this decision could have on Quaker Steak’s competitors and some of their more risque menu items—such as Long John Silver’s Genocide Grouper, Fudruckers’ Fallujah Fritters, Or Jack-in-the-Box’s Baby Shakin’ Good Jalapeno Poppers. – Gus Garcia-Roberts



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