See Marlo Stanfield — ahem, The Wire's Jamie Hector — at Silk nightclub on Friday


'Hoppers.' 'Murder police.' 'Hamsterdam.' 'Stringer Bell.' If these words don’t instantly bring to mind the apparently-even-more-fucked-up-than-Cleveland city of Baltimore, then you haven’t watched The Wire — and you might as well stop reading here (and keep up the vigil for the Scrubs blog item that will never come). ... But if you were a fan of the best show on television, you’re most likely depressed, angry even, that the show is done for good. Damn creator David Simon and his relentless integrity (which is also showcased in this Esquire story on his days as a reporter watching his paper, the Baltimore Sun, sacrifice everything for awards). The actors would’ve gone on working loyally for years — you think the she-thug named Snoop who plays the she-thug named Snoop is going to bail to work on the next Peter Jackson elf trilogy? And while the strangely British actor who plays Jimmy McNulty might’ve been lured to play in some Murder by Poison on a Yorkshire Estate flick, that’s what gun fights are for. The show never truly had a main character anyway. I guess we have to come to terms with the fact that these characters are gone — or not. We could always go to parties hosted by its former actors and pretend that we’re in the show, and that that’s the character-come-to-life right there at the bar. I think that’s the idea behind “The Conclusion," a party this Friday at Silk nightclub in the Shooter’s complex (1148 Main Ave., 861-6900). It’s hosted by actor Jamie Hector, who may be a really nice guy in person, but in our hearts will always be ice-cold kingpin Marlo Stanfield. And while it’s a little vague as to what Hector will be doing there — the club’s general manager’s exact words were “I don’t know” — the face of Omar is enough to get me to show up for an interview. And on my way to the West Bank to ask my 18 variations on “You sure there’s not going to be an additional shortened season, or a mini-movie, or a spin-off?” I’ll be damn disappointed if I don’t pass at least one 16-year old hopper yelling “Got that Pandemic!”, or, failing that, a drug fiend named something close to Bubbles selling over-sized white t-shirts. -- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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