Back away from that Easter egg, kid. The Chinese got ahold of the lead again


Ahhh, Easter. Time to air out the frilly, pastel dresses. Time for cute five year olds in mini Gap khakis to hunt park grounds for plastic eggs. Time for hundreds of kids to... be rushed to the hospital with lead poisoning?! That’s what an Ashland University professor is worried about. An informal study produced by his chemistry class showed that 13 of 45 plastic Easter eggs they studied contained paint made with lead. And lead, as numerous reports have shown, can cause horrible nerve damage in kids... It would be easy to dismiss the study if professor Jeffrey Weidenhamer wasn’t one of the first people to discover that many China-produced toys contained hazardous levels of lead. Last year, Congress took up his cause, ordering many lead-based toys and pet food off the shelves. Now they’re looking into Weidenhammer’s latest study. Senator Sherrod Brown has asked the Consumer Product Safety Commission to test these eggs. --Rebecca Meiser


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