LeBron James Leave-o-Meter: It was just dinner with Hova. Or was it?


The Latest Sign of Impending Doom: Cavs lost to New Jersey 104-99 at the Izod Center in East Rutherford. LeBron had dinner with Jay-Z the night before in New York, and then played patty-cake with Jigga Man after the game. How it Went Down in Cleveland’s Mind: It was just dinner, right? Wrong! Clearly they used their steak knives to tattoo each other’s initials in their forearms and signed a binding lifetime contract with the resulting blood. Then LeBron scored exactly 42 points as an unspoken tribute to the number of times Jay-Z has retired from hip-hop. We’re so hosed. Freak-out Level: 4 Boozers, 1 Manny, 1 Modell boozerrating2.JPG

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