Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner gets JFK Award; Republicans blow a fuse


Crusading Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner on Wednesday received the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. Brunner was recognized for her efforts in providing paper ballots to Ohioans during the March 4th presidential primary, and for openly questioning the reliability of electronic voting machines. While the award might have caught some by surprise, mistrust of electronics is actually hallmark of all Profile in Courage Award winners. Kennedy hated robots. But not everyone thought Brunner deserving of such an honor, which has previously been bestowed upon such luminaries as John McCain, Gerald Ford, and Kofi Annan, who we believe invented Double Stuff Oreos. ... In the final paragraph of its article announcing the award, the Plain Dealer let John McClelland, a spokesman for the Ohio Republican Party, piss all over Brunner’s metaphorical cornflakes:
“Jennifer Brunner has indeed shown a willingness to act regardless of the consequences, recklessly promoting a radical agenda and consistently hewing to her own personal version of the truth.”
Ouch. So McClelland thinks that paper ballots constitute a “radical agenda,” eh? Looks like the Ohio Republican Party has already taken sides in the inevitable Robots vs. Humans showdown. Your move, Dems. – Caleb Hannan


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