Al Sharpton, hoping to kill Canton's Hall of Fame Game, enlists Pacman Jones


Come on down, folks! It’s time for another round of Follow the Tortured Logic of a Reverend with Bad Hair! The Associated Press reported this week that Al Sharpton is upset with the police department in Canton, the proud home of football's Hall of Fame and one sweet McDonald’s Playland. And, once again proving our theory that he’s an alien life form bent on ruining America, Sharpton plans on taking his anger out on football fans. ... Sharpton and his civil rights organization, the National Action Network, are unhappy with police conduct, specifically an incident that happened in December. According to the AP:
“One arrest the group is concerned about is the Dec. 4 arrest of Cortes Everett, 21, who is accused of carrying a loaded gun and having marijuana. Everett contends his pants were removed during a search. Safety Service Director Thomas Nesbitt said an internal affairs investigation, which includes video of the arrest, shows Everett's complaints are unfounded. Two officers were reprimanded for unprofessional conduct during the search, including using foul language, Herman said.”
To make things right -- or maybe to draw attention to himself? Ya think? -- Sharpton and his group want the NFL to cancel the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, the annual clash that kicks off the league’s exhibition season. Because, you know ... actually, do you know? Because we have no idea what the hell one has to do with the other. A local spokesman for the National Action Network also says they’ve enlisted some really credible spokesmen for their cause:
“[Richard] Jones said he has sent information on police misconduct to NFL players Tank Johnson and Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, who have been punished by the league over their legal troubles. ‘Please hold Canton to the same standards you're held to,’ [the spokesman] said he asked the players.”
Sources say Pacman Jones responded my making it rain on all available hoes. – Vince Grzegorek


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