Money Where Your Mouth Is: Fenian at Peabody's on Saturday


In case you need one more reason to see the hardcore show of the year: For this week’s Money Where Your Mouth Is, C-Notes passes the mic to Fenian, mostly because if we get it wrong, they’re definitely the type to make us pay for it later. No, seriously. These Cleveland hardcore veterans found inspiration for the band while working as bouncers at Peabody’s, where they’d get pissed off watching sissy bands that called themselves hardcore. The new group’s frontman is JC Koszewski, who used to sing for Dead Even, Scene readers’ metal band of the year in 2006. Read on for JC's pitch.-- DX Ferris Band: Fenian Web: Hometown: Cleveland Sounds like: “Real Cleveland Hardcore.” Recommend for fans of: “Integrity, Ringworm, the Spudmonsters.” Fun fact: “Everybody in the band has worked together at one point at Peabody’s Downunder. Also, the Fenians were a group of Irish-American warriors that invaded Canada shortly after the Civil War. Their mission: Hold Canada hostage from England in exchange for Ireland's Independence. Their rally point: Cleveland. After capturing Fort Erie in the Battle of Ridgeway, the Fenians were sent home by their commander to care for their families for fear the American government would seek retribution. That's what we stand for.” Playing Where/When: 7 p.m. Saturday, March 22 at Peabody’s (2083 E. 21st St., Downtown, 216-776-9999). With Terror and Earth Crisis. Why you need to see them: “Because we will make you bleed.” -- JC Koszewski, voice


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