For March Madness lovers, the Boss Button is a gift from on high


If you’re one of the many people who spend their work days sitting in front of a computer, the recent introduction of live web broadcasts has no doubt made your life a little brighter. And if you’re a college basketball fan, this new feature holds special importance over the next few weeks. With March Madness On Demand, college basketball fans (and those who could normally care less but want office pool bragging rights) can now watch every second of coverage without leaving their desk chair. Truly, CBS Sports is doing the Lord’s work. But for those with superiors less appreciative of the nuances of the box-and-one, there was always the danger of being caught. To those unfortunate souls, we say, Fear no more. Behold, the Boss Button. With one magical click, this little savior turns your screen of hoops into a really important-looking spreadsheet. It’s like a gift from God, or maybe Gus Johnson. Either way, it rocks:
Caleb Hannan


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