Ripper Watch: Tim "Ripper" Owens rocks the world


Judas Priest/Iced Earth singer Tim “Ripper” Owens is hard to keep up with, but C-Notes is trying to stay abreast: We’ve learned that Ripper recently recorded a tribute to slain Pantera/Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott, with some other metal heavyweight: Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner and former Megadeath bassist David Ellefson. The song is slated for a tribute album. Checkout out a sample online at It’s a crusher. ... Owens also made his debut singing for guitar icon Yngwie Malmsteen, on March 14 in Frankfurt, Germany. Click the video above for fan video. “Yngwie thing is great,” Ripper told C-Notes. “Just did a show for Fender in Germany. And it rocked.” There’s more: Owens’ other band, the locally based heshers of Beyond Fear, will open some Queensryche shows in Mexico late next month. “Can’t wait for Mexico,” Beyond Fear guitarist John Comprix told C-Notes. “We are well rehearsed, and the last practice we had we sounded absolutely amazing. We have a lot of fans in Mexico, so it's great to be able to go back there and play for ‘em again. The new material is sounding killer. We're in the demo stage right now, and the vocals that Tim has sent back to me are just above and beyond what I expected. I think we all stepped it up quite a bit for this next record, and I cant wait for people to hear it.” Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton is the leader of Owens’ other other project, Soulbender. Owens has recorded some rainbows with the prog-metal giant. Check them out at And, finally, Owens will play locally this Sunday, with some smaller names. He’ll will take the stage at Sadie Renee’s (7200 Whipple Ave VW, North Canton, 330-499-8246), with the winners of a contest sponsored by Canton/Akron’s Rock 106.9. “I will be singing all night,” Owens told C-Notes. “It’s the band I will take into the studio to record a track. Come check out them out. … Could be the last local gig for a while, so let’s have some fun.” The show kicks off at 9 p.m. – D.X. Ferris


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