Audit reveals Ken Blackwell blew 80 grand on employee bonuses


Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s rampage continued yesterday when a state audit, performed at her request, revealed over $80,000 in bonuses paid to employees by her predecessor, Ken Blackwell. If the 17 employees don’t pay the money back, says Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor, Blackwell will be left with the tab. Of course, there is also Blackwell’s side of the story. The failed gubernatorial candidate claims that Brunner’s decision to muck around in the actions of past administrations sets a “dangerous precedent” – especially when it reveals that a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative isn’t very conservative when it comes to spending other people’s money… What’s more, Blackwell claims his bonuses didn’t just benefit his employees; the whole state gets to share in his generosity! “In fact, these payments actually resulted in a net savings for taxpayers because some employees agreed to forego unemployment compensation based on the bonus amount they selected," he told The Plain Dealer. --Caleb Hannan


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