The honey bee holocaust that never happened


With winter allegedly over, the results are pouring in: 85 percent of Ohio’s honey bees survived the season, beekeeping specialists at Ohio State are reporting. This is a huge relief for bee keepers and farmers across the state, who were on the edge of their seats all winter. Last year, a mysterious illness known as colony collapse disorder killed off 72 percent of Ohio’s bees, basically destroying the honey industry… Though it would seem a remote matter, every third bite of our diet comes from plants pollinated by bees. Their absence would cause and agricultural disaster. “Honey bees are the most important pollinators on the planet," Gene Robinson of the University of Illinois said last November. "They pollinate vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds. If bees go away, we're eating gruel." Which, we remind you as a public service notice, isn’t very delicious. – Rebecca Meiser


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