Money Where Your Mouth Is: User Sets Mode+ at Musica on Saturday


In this regular feature, C-Notes lets a band speak for itself. We update you about User Sets Mode+, the rockin’ new band from Derek and Mandy of the Frans and Racermason, all the time. This time it’s their turn to talk, and sell you on their show this Saturday in Akron. -- DX Ferris Band: User Sets Mode+ Web: Hometown: Akron, OH Sounds like: “The soundtrack to the story of our youth. Marshall stacks, Les Pauls, and a raucous dose of Mandy turned up to 11. Recommend for fans of: “Paramore, Alkaline Trio, post-punk rock.” Fun fact: “Justin, Derek and Craig met while stripping at a lady's club that Mandy was a regular at.” Playing: Saturday, March 29 at Musica (17-19 Maiden Lane, Arkon, 330-374-1114), with the Suede Brothers and Skychief. Why you need to see them: “It's just what the doctor ordered this weekend. You can dance/rock out to it, or just sit back and enjoy at Musica. Given the band's track record of recent shows, debauchery is sure to ensue!” -- Derek Lashua, Guitarist


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