Roots and Fall Out Boy get together for "Birthday Girl," but don't get it on album


roots.jpg Bad news for music fans who dig both the Roots and Fall Out Boy. “Birthday Girl,” which was supposed to be the first single from the hip-hop group's new album, Rising Down, has been pulled from the record. The song – which features a vocal hook by Fall Out Boy singer and R&B aficionado Patrick Stump – was all set to jump-start the new CD, which comes out on April 29, when somebody got cold feet. It’s unclear who, but we’re guessing ?uestlove, since nobody whose name starts with ‘?’ wants to share an album with Fall Out Boy. Sure, it’s a little more poppy than what Roots fans normally expect from the “keepin’-it-real” hip-hop crew, but the four-minute song contains more hooks than 2004’s The Tipping Point. You can still find “Birthday Girl” as an iTunes exclusive or below. -- Michael Gallucci


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