More links, info on The Lottery League


In this week’s cover story, Scene takes you into the world of The Lottery League, where 147 local musicians were driven from their comfort zones and randomly drafted into 33 new bands with only one rule: No one could be in a band with someone they’d played with before. In the end, metal heads ended up with pop singers, classically-trained violinists with hardcore kids. On April 12, all 33 bands will finally emerge from nine weeks of practice to display their mutations for a marathon gig at the Beachland Ballroom… Unfortunately, we couldn’t write about each and every band – that’d take a really long book. Without pictures. But you can learn more about the insane line-ups by visiting the Lottery League’s MySpace page. There are links to numerous band pages so you can sample the aural cocktails. For more photos, visit the website of Lou Menz, who has been chronicling the Lottery League since its inception. His photos are even accompanied by a pretty detailed blog that offers lots of insight into the songwriting struggles and successes of several bands. The league’s Council of Chiefs also have a website providing recent updates. Finally, you can buy tickets to the big show here. But hurry. We’re talking 33 bands, which means a lot of family and friends are already gobbling them up. – Denise Grollmus


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