Reader: Your paper would be way better if it operated in an economic vacuum


Scene Magazine Staff: I just wanted to give you some constructively critical feedback on your magazine, and how I've seen it developing as of lately. It's getting bad. Your people really need to focus more on writing stories and stop using the paper as a way to make money through advertising. What really is the point of having a newspaper? To employ people so they can earn wages and consume? NO! To raise conciousness, investigate corruption, break through people's ignorance, cover events, and let people know what's happening! ... I looked on your jobs page to see if there's any positions your offering, as if somehow maybe I could join your organization to make it better. But all there is is a marketing intern position! People like myself have technology and social skills and want to contribute to media, but there are no independent outlets. Things are not going OK in the world today, whether you're unaware or simply choose not to care, bad things happen because of the way we interact with each other and the things we do. To pretend that making money is the sole purpose of the media is the wrong path to take. As I look through the recent issue there's ads on almost every page, and on those that are actually stories, they either aren't pertinent, poorly researched, or include language that I find offensive. I have a challenge for you and your magazine, but I don't think you could pull it off: For one issue, just for one week, print only stories, editorials, information. Advertise only events that are free for the public, or that have already happened. Get people from the community together in a think tank to write the stories if you need to. Just don't have any advertisements for businesses or services. And this challenge goes out to the Free Times also! Although they are a little better at storywriting, it still fills its pages with crap ads. Shawn M., Lakewood

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