Cult films: Pee Wee's Big Adventure at the Cedar Lee


The first Saturday of every month, Cedar Lee Theatre (2163 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, 440.564.2030) plays a different cult flick at 9:30 and midnight. It’s their “Cult Film Series," and it can get intense; the cult fans, mostly drunk or on their way there (Cedar Lee sells reasonably-priced beer), often wear movie-appropriate costumes and yell at the screen... This Saturday, they’ll be wearing bow-ties, and you can expect the silliness of the audience to reach a fever pitch. That’s because April’s movie is “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” — perhaps the silliest film of all time. Combining the strange genius of pre-porn Paul Reubens and pre-career Tim Burton, 1985’s “Big Adventure” takes the pre-pubescent man child on an absurdist quest to find his beloved bike. Prepare to hear 12,000 flimsy renditions of Pee Wee’s laugh from the audience, especially since if you wear a bow-tie, you get free popcorn. If you ride your bike to the theater, you get free popcorn AND soda – which, coupled with the measly 5-buck entrance fee, means that Cedar Lee is virtually paying you to relive your childhood. -- Gus Garcia Roberts

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