Is the Ohio Supreme Court rigged in Alex Arshinkoff’s favor?


Proteges of Alex Arshinkoff celebrate at the Summit Republicans' Lincoln Day Dinner
It’s really nice having friends in high places. Just ask the Summit County Republican chairman, Alex Arshinkoff. He’s sued Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner for refusing to reappoint him to the Summit County Board of Elections. The suit is now before the Ohio Supreme Court, where he’s loaded up with important friends. Take Justice Maureen O’Connor. Last week, Scene brought you the tale of her incredible war chest and how it affects her rulings. Of course, O’Connor wouldn’t be rolling around in all that dough if it wasn’t for her trusty mentor, Daddy Arshinkoff… Last month, at the Summit Republican’s Lincoln Day dinner, Arshinkoff whined to the crowd about how Brunner had refused to appoint him to his seat. As he launched into his tirade against the Secretary of State, Arshinkoff turned to O’Connor, whom he referred to as his “protégé” and asked, “"Judge, you wouldn't allow someone to be convicted on hearsay, would you?" O’Connor simply smiled. Three days later, Arshinkoff filed his suit against Brunner with the Supreme Court. So far, the justices have made three separate rulings in the case, including their decision to depose Brunner. In each ruling, the justices were split 4 to 3. O’Connor ruled on behalf of Arshinkoff every time. – Denise Grollmus


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