Motorist Warning: Beware the man-eating pot hole on MLK


The city placed a cone in the middle of a pot hole on MLK, naturally diverting motorists into oncoming traffic.
Well, looks like the city has finally given up the fight against pot holes. This weekend, drivers going north bound on Martin Luther King had to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid an orange cone placed inside a gaping pot hole in the middle of the road. It seems like the city is trying its best to create a Mario Kart course out of this curving stretch of road. Drivers beware: This pot hole comes out of nowhere. It took the air out of a Volkswagen Beetle last Saturday. But as of this morning, the cone was missing. A lonely hub cap sat nearby as a tribute to its departure. And the pot hole, who we affectionately named Carl, grows deeper and deeper by the minute. It sneaks up on drivers like a man-hole without a cover. We expect a Ninja-Turtle to crawl out at any moment… Carl has an insatiable appetite for right front wheels. He is located just past the Wade Park Tunnel in the northbound lane. Treat him with respect, or your font alignment will pay. But on the sunnier side of things, the increase in the amount and depth of potholes means that spring is just around the corner. – Bradley Campbell


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