Unlike us, the Hoegaarden Draft Club does Hump Day with class


Us beer-bellied schmucks may think we’re getting a Hump Day deal by forking over five bucks for a six-glass pitcher of ho-hum Coors Lite. But there are some highfalutin’ import-beer critics who disagree. Meet the Hoegaarden Draft Club, a loosely knit alliance of beer connoisseurs who meet every Wednesday night in Tremont to sample $2.50 glasses of the Belgian-style wheat beer. ... Its founder, Dean Vonken of Independence, says the group started because of the brew’s distinct pale color, tightly packed foam, and orange-tangy flavor. “This is one albino-looking beer. Compared to what I normally drink, this one looks like a starched-white bed sheet,” he says. “But what a beautiful glass of beer. I’d paint a still life of it and hang it on my wall so I could admire its beauty until my last dying breath.” OK. That’s just weird. But we’re feeling you, Dean, so keep talking: “It’s sweet and light with an angelic, fluffy airness to it,” Vonken goes on. “The sweetness is so amazing that so much flavor can be packed into a beer that feels like the airy topping of a freshly baked lemon-meringue pie.” Oh? So now it’s a dessert beer? “There’s definitely a time and place for every beer. For beers like this, the time is just about any hot, summer day when you don’t really want a ton of sugars and carbs and alcohol to contend with,” says Vonken. “So the right time for this beer is pretty much 24-7, 365 days a year.” Now that’s our kind of beer. Join Vonken and his gang at 5 tonight at the Flying Monkey, 819 Jefferson Avenue in Tremont. Call 216-861-6659 or visit www.flyingmonkeypub.com. -- Cris Glaser


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