Who says women aren't funny? Maria Bamford at Hilarities this weekend


Pictured above, proof that chicks are indeed funny.
Whoever said women aren’t funny never saw Maria Bamford in action. The 37-year old Comedy Central star is appearing at Hilarities Comedy Club this weekend, and the woman is hysterical. If one didn’t know better, you’d think she had no bones in her face for the contortionist expressions she pulls out; twisting her face into a grimace one moment, then into a Macaulay Culkin Home Alone scream... Her insights into human character are also spot-on. In one act, she riffs on older women, who see no need for transitions – or connectors — in their conversations. “So, anyways, your old friend Carrie – remember her? Well, she accidentally shot herself in the face with 12 gauge gun. She’s dead. Also, your father and I are having ham for dinner.” Bamford’s also good at capturing the details of the temp culture. “So I got fired from this big company, who’s name I can’t say.” Pause. “It’s Disney. Anyway, my manager’s like you will never work in this Disney office again. I decided not to tell him he was wrong. I’d already been fired from the Disney office 14 times before. I’d be back. I’m a temp.” Tickets are available for $18-$23. – Rebecca Meiser

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