In Cleveland, even the chimps see the writing on the wall


The Brain Drain has struck again. Despite Governor Ted Strickland’s new plan to retain Ohio talent, the Plain Dealer reported today a great loss for Cleveland. Binti, Bo, and Jackie, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s three chimps, are headed South. They are following a well-worn migration pattern of residents fleeing the Cleve for warmer climes and enhanced opportunities. Their destination? Knoxville, Tennessee, which Forbes recently ranked the 76th best city in the country for new jobs. Cleveland pulled in at 90th, so it’s clear that these ambitious ladies have carefully weighed their options and decided that their job security here in town is about as solid as week-old bananas. Either that or the bank foreclosed on their cages. Projected areas of growth for the chimpettes include enhanced networking opportunities with other professionals in their areas of interest, as well as increased exposure to banjo music. Alas, for Clevelanders, the grass is always bluer on the other side of the state line. – Tori Woods


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