In Kent, Big Brother is watching


For those who feel they don’t get enough attention from their peers, now’s your chance to have cameras following you around 24 hours a day like you've always deserved. Tomorrow, CBS casting directors will be holding auditions for the popular reality show Big Brother at Kent State’s student center. The show, which centers around a group of (mostly) egotistical housemates as they lounge around the set’s Jacuzzi and try to get their other roommates booted out of the house, is currently in its 10th season, which really doesn't bode well for the future of mankind. ... Winners of the program, in addition to $500,000, also get to enter that fun nether-region of reality TV alumni, who don’t actually work, but rather coast from city to city, surviving on speaker fees and money from competing in weird Double Dare-type tasks. For college graduates, it's by all accounts a fabulous way to delay entrance into the real world. Try-outs will be held tomorrow from noon to 4. Participants will be given two minutes to explain why they believe they should be chosen. Applications can be downloaded at Be careful what you write. Remember: Big Brother is watching. -- Rebecca Meiser

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