Cleveland: Does she look any prettier from underneath the street?


If Cleveland’s recent sinkhole issues made you think, “Gee, I haven’t spent enough time underground lately,” then we have an activity for you. This Saturday, the Cuyahoga County Soldier’s & Sailor’s Monument in Public Square – that big pointy thing in the middle of downtown -- will offer tunnel tours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Turns out that thing isn’t just a back rest for homeless bongo players, but is actually a 114-year-old monument built as a memorial to those Cuyahogans who fought and died in the Civil War. And apparently it was built on top of a series of tunnels once used for weapons and uniform storage. ... Tim Leslie, a senior clerk at the monument, says the tours will be led by lantern. Last time down, he says, there was an encounter with “a medium,” although sometimes those homeless bongo players sing, so we’re not so sure. The tours are being offered earlier this year because of a restoration project they hope to complete by December. But don’t worry, prospective tunnel-goers, Leslie says the monument was unaffected by the recent sinkhole fiasco, so we’re almost sure you won’t get stuck down there. For more information, call the monument at (216) 621-3710. – Caleb Hannan


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