Marilyn Manson wins an award. No, not for his music


It's fancy booze!
Eat Me, Drink Me might have bombed, but apparently not everything Marilyn Manson puts his name on these days sucks. The God of Fuck recently snagged a gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition for his Mansithe brand absinthe ... While many brands of the old-school, alcohol-packed anise-flavored drink are banned in the U.S., some can be distributed, albeit with tons of regulations. The Canton native’s Mansithe is available from Tempus Fugit Spirits. Manson first became interested in absinthe – featuring prominently in the not-gay musical Moulin Rouge! – several years ago while touring Europe. Seriously: Why can’t the dude just have a Bud Lite like everyone else? -- Michael Gallucci


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