Cleveland’s Iona Kniple tops of the list of the worst names in America


The more the world becomes inter-connected, one thing becomes very clear: There are some really weird names out there. For instance, did no one think to tell Texas Governor Hogg that naming his daughter “Ima” was a really bad thing? And if your last name is Toilette, why in the world would you choose to name your daughter “Charman?” … Last month, The New York Times ran a contest, attempting to find the worst name in America. They received tons of submissions from people with names like Chastity Beltz, Wrigley Fields, and Rainbow Traut. All were pretty horrible, but the worst submission, the judges all agreed, came from Cleveland. The “lucky” winner: Iona Kniple. Ms. Kniple was not really surprised to hear she’d won the contest. She placed the blame squarely on her mother’s shoulder. “My mother never thought about that when she was naming me,” she said. “It was her mother’s name. I came home from school a couple times crying and my mother said, ‘Oh, why did I do that?’ but it had never occurred to her how people would hear the name.” – Rebecca Meiser


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