Reader: What about artistic license? (And the suburbs?)


At first blush, your First Punch bashed another Judy in belittling attempts to coax people into buying Cleveland homes ("Marketing Cleveland," third item). Reportedly, the new townhomes and lofts in the central city will sell for more than a quarter-million dollars, but you rankle at a brochure trying to lure the capitalists to buy! So a photo shows lush trees and cozy houses through a loft's windows -- an admittedly less than realistic view of the urban environs What then? Have you never heard of artistic license? A worse aspect of the commercial message is the portrayal of the homeowner returning to his city residence, having a drink, resting on the sofa, feeling the breeze and hearing "the hum of the city." Drinks, comfortable furniture, and breezes also exist in suburbia; hence, the restful murmur of traffic is the sole conceivable enticement to purchase. Yeah, but we got that out here, too. William Dauenhauer Willowick

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