Reader: What’s a little rape when you’re in a war zone?


If you put yourself in harm's way, says our reader, expect to be attacked by perverts.
In case you missed Dick Feagler this week, an anonymous caller to Scene is providing your substitute fix for crotchety old man commentary. He was calling about “No Oasis,” this week’s expose on women working for private contractors in Iraq. Several women, including an Olmsted Falls truck driver, allege they were raped and harassed by their co-workers, and the crimes were never prosecuted. But according to this caller, they should “stop whining!” …
“I was in the military in the ‘50s, in the Middle East by the way. And here’s somebody who does something for money. Goes into a war zone. Not only a war zone, but the Middle East ,and then complains that she’s being harassed. What in the hell did she think was going to happen? You’re in a place with thousands of horny guys. And then you’re saying, ‘Oh poor me.’ See going back: Look how rough and tough I am. I’m a truck driver, I’m going into a combat zone. But then what happens is, when things get a little tough personally or whatever, revert back to, “Oh poor me, I’m a victim of nasty men.” See this is the problem. This is why women in situations like that get no respect. It’s just like the first time they went aboard ship in the Navy. Guess what the pregnancy rate, where it went? Sky high. One way to get out of the service or get out of a rough situation is to become pregnant…. Well anyway. ‘She kicked and struggled,’ [the article says]. Well of course! You’re in a war zone with idiots, with Middle Eastern men who don’t care about women or guys who are there… You know, why go into harm’s way and then cry when you say, ‘Oh, I’m in harm’s way. I can’t look after myself, I need state government. I need the United States government to look after me.’ Don’t go into harm’s way then, for the money. That’s the thing."

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