Skybus goes broke, but there’s an upside to business collapse


This may be the new symbol of incompetence, but it's worth something on eBay.
The recent death of Skybus, the Columbus discount airline, could be taken as a bad thing for those negative people who always see the glass as half-full. But there’s always an upside. A vintage Skybus t-shirt, still in the plastic wrapping, is now being offered for $499.99 on eBay. A safety-information card that’s supposedly from the last flight to Greensboro, North Carolina, is going for $10.49. And best of all, a combination package containing a t-shirt, in-flight magazine, luggage tags (“slightly used”) and a barf bag (“NEVER been used”), is selling for a mere $39. Consider this, National City employees, as you await your pink slips. Remember how executives were always gave you free golf-shirts during “team-building exercises?” That’s no longer worthless crap. That’s your retirement fund. – Lisa Rab


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