When it comes to paddling students, Canton's No. 1!


As we've reported before, the state of Ohio is taking its sweet time to remove a section of a law that allows our school districts to ass-paddle their students. Their torpor means that we’re still behind the Eastern Block countries of Croatia, Bulgaria, and Romania, who have all banned the corporal punishment. And it means that the Buckeye State officials still think it's okay to treat school children like recalcitrant donkeys. ... Apparently Canton’s leading the ass-whacking way. Yesterday, PD education reporter Jennifer Gonzalez noted:
The Columbus-based Center for Effective Discipline found that 202 students were paddled a total of 321 times, a drop from the 270 students and 453 paddlings reported for 2005-06. The number of districts using corporal punishment also fell, from 17 to 13. Canton had the highest number of children paddled: 42.
So that’s good news for foes of corporal punishment, 202 sore asses aside. And we do hope the figures don’t mean that 201 kids received one slap, while a lone student had to withstand 120 ass wallops. It’s actually, technically, been 14 years since Ohio officially banned the act -- about two centuries after Poland did; damn those Europeans are soft -- but a clause that allows local school boards to permit ass-swatting remains. So if you’re a parent in the Canton area, you can only bitch to your friends when little Gregory comes home with bloody cheeks. -- Bradley Cambell

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