Cleveland’s Next Top Model: The Tyra Banks parody


America’s Next Top Model, the weekly WB competition that has models competing in weekly photo shoots for the chance to become America’s darling, is a fabulous example of the beauty of unintentional comedy. For one, it seems none of the winners have ever become… what’s the word? Oh, right. Successful. And two: It seems that Tyra Banks, the narcissistic host, firmly believes that no one could possibly be as interesting or beautiful as her. Her favorite compliment (even if they happen to be eight-foot-tall Norwegians who look like drag queens): “You remind me so much of myself!” … So it was only a matter of time till someone decided to bust out a parody on YouTube. It’s called Cleveland’s Next Top Model. “People are always asking me what it takes to succeed as a model in Cleveland,” says the fake Tyra host. “And as the former Miss Ohio from 1993-1998, I have a lot to say on the subject.” In Cleveland’s Next Top Model, contestants compete for a $1,200 modeling contract with Sears and are judged on their walks by Tanner K, a fashion expert/dance instructor/gay. The two-part series is kind of hilarious. Last time we checked, there were no palm trees on West 9th. (Part II is below). – Rebecca Meiser

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