David Giffels gets the celeb treatment in the New York Times


Back in January, C-Notes reported that longtime Akron Beacon Journal columnist David Giffels was gearing up for the release of his new book, All The Way Home: Building a Family In A Falling Down House. The personal memoir, coming out on HarperCollins, is an incredibly sad, funny, and truly poignant tale of how Giffels and his wife Gina came to own a practically condemned mansion in Akron’s Highland Square neighborhood, and how, without credit cards or contractors, they restored it to a home through tumultuous times… A decade after buying the home, restoring the roof, replacing the plumbing, and evicting a family of woodland creatures, the Giffels abode is far from completion. Still, Giffel’s book is thorough tale of overcoming fears of failure, jumping headfirst into ridiculous dreams, and how to re-caulk 773 Gilded Age windowpanes. Today’s New York Times features a story on the book. The whole story is due out May 23. – Denise Grollmus

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