Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! Springer to speak at Case tonight


springer.jpg Jerry Springer, the most infamous Cincinnati mayor ever, will speak tonight at Case Western Reserve University. Don't expect a drunken single mother of nine or her drunk, gay, vampire-fetish boyfriend with a KKK uncle to join him. Nope, this is the new Jerry Springer, the Jerry Springer who is trying to become the old Jerry Springer, without the prostitutes of course. Mainly, he'll be talking about his life in television, first at the local news station WLWT Channel 5 in Cincy, then as, well, Jerry Springer, the icon who took the trailer trash of America and broadcast them out to the world. A teenager in Japan can thank him for allowing them to know there are some American men out there who divorce their wives because they can't stop having sex with their brother-in-law. ... Now, Springer is actively trying to convince people that he is human and not a robot created by the National Enquirer, another one of our favorite reads. Springer's also been trying to edge his way back into public life and has had his eye on a U.S. Senate seat for years. But to run a successful campaign, he has to convince people the difference between Jerry Springer the actor and Jerry Springer the former Ohio gubernatorial candidate and, well, this guy: Jerry Springer will speak at 7:30 tonight at the Amasa Stone Chapel, 10900 Euclid. His lecture will be followed by a Q&A Session. You might consider asking if he still pays for prostitutes with checks. – Bradley Campbell


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