Davenport closes; La Rock Comp release moved to Bela Dubby


Read this week’s Scene for a story about La Rock Records’ The Necker Cube 2 compilation, a new disc that combines local hip-hop, electronica, and rock talent with big names like nerdcore big dog MC Lars and Connecticut rapper Ceschi. Its CD release party takes place Saturday, but at a new location. ... The CD release was scheduled at Parma Heights' the Davenport, a fortress for all things indie. Unfortunately, that bar has closed . One report says the demise was due to drama between employees. Stay tuned to C-Notes and Scene to learn more. The show will now take place at Lakewood’s Bela Dubby Gallery (13321 Madison Ave., 216-221-4479), a small coffee shop that happens to serve excellent beers, and a very serviceable back-up fortress of all things indie. Says show organizer (and Scene contributor) Eddie “Johnny La Rock” Fleisher: “The show will still go on, just now at a different location. We are grateful to Bela Dubby for their kindness, and hope that all those who planned to attend will still do so -- it's gonna be helluva good time.” The live show will feature acts on the comp, from soul to rock, including Visual Media Sources, the Long Haul, the Woovs, Deaf by Arms, Soapbox Prophet, the Electric Grandmother, Presque Vu, and Johnny La Rock and Mush Mouth. The free all-ages show now kicks off at 8 p.m. The first 10 people through the door get a free CD. And a pretty good one at that. – D.X. Ferris



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