Get down with Moses: Famous guy raps in celebration of Passover


Passover, the week-long Jewish holiday that features copious amounts of wine, a ban on bread, and a litany of locust plagues, begins this Saturday night. Supposedly, this is a holiday about religious freedom, detailing the ancient Jews’ escape from Egyptian slavery. But for many, it’s mainly a chance to eat overcooked chicken and watch grandpa dig into his pockets to reward the kiddies for finding matzo hidden beneath the couch cushions… In other words, it’s a chance to make fun of ourselves. In that spirit, we bring you “Get Down With Moses” – a video being circulated, believe it or not, in honor of Passover and the 60th anniversary of the Israeli state. Don’t ask; we don’t get the logic either. We just know it features a rapping Moses, some dancing girls in tank-tops, and references to “bitter herbs” — the kind you eat at a Seder, not the ones that give you the munchies. —Lisa Rab

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