On Earth Day, downtown’s Market Cafe features choices for a low-carbon diet


If all it took to reverse global warming were snagging a low-carbon lunch, we’d all be on that bandwagon. But even though the problem is way knottier, it’s good to know that downtown’s Market Café and Wine Bar (1801 E. 9th St., in the AmTrust Building; 216-394-0122) will be celebrating Earth Day tomorrow, April 22, with a special lineup of enviro-friendly eats. ... In fact, manager Giovanna Daverio and executive chef Dean DiLuciano have designed an entire array of Earth Day offerings, meant to highlight the elements of a low-carbon diet. (For you non-green meanies out there, that means cutting back on beef and dairy products, to reduce methane emissions; focusing on locally sourced ingredients, to reduce transportation costs and pollution; and minimizing waste and excess packaging – which, Daverio points out, makes a fine excuse for enjoying your lunch on the premises, not hauling it back to your desk.) Among the special low-carbon offerings, you’ll find vegan pizzas, veggie and turkey burgers, and grain-based salads tweaked with locally made cheese. And while you’re lunching, use your laptop to check out the Earth-Day-only website, www.eatlowcarbon.org, for a fun, user-friendly calculator that can help you figure out the carbon footprint of everything you eat. Daverio calls it all “a learning tool,” aimed at helping people realize that sustainable foods can also score high on flavor. See for yourself, during tomorrow’s lunch hours, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Market Café is operated by Bon Appetit Management Company, an onsite food-service provider that operates socially responsible restaurants for museums, universities, and corporations across the country. To learn more about low-carbon diets, click here. --- Elaine T. Cicora Read Elaine Cicora's restaurant reviews, food news, and comprehensive dining guide on the restaurant page at clevescene.com.


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