Murderer runs for office; Cleveland gets great PR!


This is a different John Boyd, but we're running this picture because you just never see guys with cool beards like this anymore.
There’s nothing like an old-fashioned murder conviction to win national press for Cleveland. As we told you last month, the race to fill an open City Council seat in Ward 6 is a fascinating contest between a) John Boyd, a man who spent many years in prison for murder, theft, forgery and drug trafficking, and b) Mamie Mitchell, a former county prosecutor who also happens to be a supporter of Council President Martin Sweeney, everyone’s favorite sexual harasser. Voters head to the polls today, and we know it must be a tough choice. But no matter who wins the election, Cleveland got some great PR out of it. On Monday, The Christian Science Monitor ran a long, sympathetic article about how Boyd represents the city’s former felons who struggle to reform themselves and find honest work… “Boyd's story is one of redemption, but not the easy kind that washes everyone clean on a Sunday morning. It's more complex, playing on society's deepest fears about the true nature of forgiveness,” writes Wendy Hoke. Meanwhile, commentators on the Toledo blog Glass City Jungle took a slightly more cynical view. They noted that at least in their city, “the tradition is that the public office holders don’t get a record until after they enter and hold office…” Don’t worry, Toledo. We’ve got that covered too. –Lisa Rab


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