Not-so breaking news: Being gay in Ohio is not that cool


If you're computer exploded rather than load the above image, you probably live in Ohio.
This just in: Being queer in Ohio continues to be a less than fabulous existence. produced a national ranking that judges the queer friendliness of each state. It scored the states on a 0-6 scale, with 0 indicating a Pat Robertson level of acceptance and 6 indicating the state will have its own time slot on Bravo. Our total score was .5, which we’re pretty sure is not very good. ... According to their ranking system, the Buckeye State is neck in neck with such progressive bastions as Mississippi, Idaho, and Qatar. States like Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and West Virginia rank ahead of us. Not surprisingly, California and Vermont were in the top slots, which explains those states’ consistently superior window treatments. As for Ohio, the rankings penalized us for lacking six things: hate crime protection for queers; anti-discrimination employment laws; the right for same sex couples to marry; protection for transsexuals; youth anti-bullying measures; and same-sex parenting rights. It’s probably good the website didn’t calculate the fag taunts tossed around in the outfield bleachers at Indian games, where being gay is somehow equated with rooting for Manny Ramirez. – Bradley Campbell


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