The Kickdrums: helping rappers threaten to kill each other one sweet-ass beat at a time



“I Need a Man” by Carlisha:

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re getting all multimedia over here at This week’s cover story follows Cleveland production duo the Kickdrums as they try to break into the national hip-hop scene. Their music, by all accounts, is hot, and while we can write all day about it, we figured you better judge for yourself. So we’ve included in the online version of the story unreleased Kickdrums-produced tracks by local rappers Young Wazzie and Ray Cash, and a banger by London singer/rapper Estelle, produced by Cincinatti producer Hi-Tek. And of course, no hip-hop feature would be complete without a 50 Cent song about murdering enemies and urinating on their graves (also produced by the Kickdrums). The song above, meanwhile, is “I Need a Man,” an unreleased Kickdrums’ production from their new favorite artist, Carlisha. The 18-year old Cleveland high school student, as you can hear, has got some pipes on her. For more Kickdrums’ music, visit their myspace page. – Gus Garcia Roberts


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