Viva la Ecuador! Another strange twist in the saga of Myers University


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Whoever inherits Myers will move into the school's totally sweet digs on Euclid. Too bad they helped kill the school.
The saga continues for Myers University. Just when we thought it was over, another chapter appears, magically, much like the potential buyer who remains nameless. But now, finally, we think the story of Cleveland’s oldest business school is moving toward the apogee of its tale. On Tuesday, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Daniel Gaul will make the final announcement as to who (or, gasp, what?) will buy the place. This new revelation has us gripped, much like the time young Jim Hawkins learned that Long John Silver was a pirate and not simple maritime cook. ... Now, this isn’t the first time Gaul has made an announcement about making an announcement to announce the new owner of Myers. It seems that each time the story is about to finish, another blip comes up. Trying to block the big Tuesday sale is Daniel Ho, who lent the university $2 million to keep it afloat through the end of last year. He’s a tad pissed that the cash didn’t allow him to buy the university outright. And well, yeah, that would make us tad pissed too. And just as we think the story couldn’t get more complex, in come rumors of a possible deus ex machina, which is a huge relief, because we’ve been waiting to fit that deus ex machina thing into the blog for weeks. This sudden, unexplainable solver of problems comes, believe it or not, in the form of an Ecuadorian college, who may be thinking of using Myers as a study abroad outpost. Could the banana and shrimp exporters save the school of Rockefeller? All the answers will come on Tuesday, unless they don’t. – Bradley Campbell



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