Dolly the labrador and the case of the missing foot


It’s safe to say that Richard Williams has been suffering from bad luck lately. The 26-year old recently crashed his car into a guard rail, causing the vehicle to flip. EMS workers recovered most of his body, but they couldn’t find his foot. “We looked everywhere,” Bainbridge lieutenant Jon Bokovitz says. The next afternoon, resident Virginia Woolf was walking her labrador when the dog started barking. When Woolf checked on the commotion, she found the severed foot, still clad with a sock. The foot was quickly sent to MetroHealth, but it was too late to be re-attached… Bainbridge police say they’re impressed with the dog’s nose. “The foot was up in the air, caught in some branches,” Bokovitz says. “It wasn’t where it should have been.” He says they’ll keep the dog in mind next time they have a case of a missing limb – which is not as unusual as one might think. “We had a missing arm last year,” he says. “But we found that one. It was a little bit easier to find because it was a little bit bigger. The entire arm was severed off. .. not just the foot.” As for Williams, he was released from the hospital last week. – Rebecca Meiser


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