Parental Warning: Do not pass your Superman fetish onto your son


Karon Riley named his son Kal’El, which in Kryptonian means "Christ, couldn't my dad just name me Bill?"
Last week, we brought you the story of the New York Times’ worst name contest. It was a close competition, with entries ranging from “Ima Hogg” to “Chastity Beltz.” The winner – if you could call her that – was Cleveland’s own “Iona Kniple.” Some might call this naming a form of child abuse. “Someone who would give these children weird names is not thinking of their well-being,” says Nancy Darling, a professor of child development at Oberlin… But someone should also relay the warning to actress Terri Vaughn and husband Karon Riley, a defensive lineman for the Cleveland Gladiators and self-proclaimed Superman fanatic. Last week, Vaughn gave birth to a baby boy named “Kal’El” – Superman’s name in Kryptonian. Though Kryptonia is not a real place, and Kryptonian is, of course, not a real language, Riley took it upon himself to interpret the meaning of the name Kal’El to mean “of God-like abilities.” “I think the name is very fitting for him — he’s strong, cool and mellow, just perfect,” Vaughn told Essence magazine. -- Rebecca Meiser

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