Fleeing the Cleve … for Mongolia?


Blogger Todd Forsgren is a Bay Village native who, unlike C-Notes, doesn’t consider traveling east of Willoughby to be adventurous. So the 1999 St. Ignatius grad is spending the better part of the year in Mongolia. (That’s by Buffalo, right?) Forsgren is the recipient of a Fulbright grant in photography. He’s based in Ulaanbaatar, but he’s been gallivanting around the Mongolian countryside since February. His project involves photographing the community gardens of Mongolia, and his experiences thus far have included ice festivals with ridiculously cute horses, observing the constructions of gers, traversing frozen taiga forests, and drinking reindeer milk tea. ...
We knew we should have cheated on that Fulbright application. What a racket. Lucky for those of us who don’t have immediate access to reindeer, Forsgren is writing an engaging blog about his time in Mongolia. Filled with colorful descriptions of the people he meets, the places he visits, and the culture he’s growing to more deeply understand -- as well as his photographs — the blog is absorbing and entertaining, and worth a visit, to see what a homegrown world-traveler is up to in a completely exotic place. And to figure out what the hell a ger is. Check it out at www.toddforsgren.com. – Tori Woods


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